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5 May

So ever since the last time I blogged, here’s what I’ve been baking. Most of them are stuff I’ve baked in the past so I won’t be posting the recipes. Anywho, enjoy :)



1 May


Snickerdoodles are basically cinnamon sugar cookies. Not sure where it got its name from but I like it :) Reminds me of goldendoodles (which are not food)..

Got the recipe from again — Mrs. Sigg’s Snickerdoodles. Almost all of my recipes are from this website. Whenever I think of something I wanna bake, I just search the site and (this is the imporant part) look for the ones with the highest ratings. Then read all the comments. If people are saying it tastes good, chances are high that it’ll taste good when you bake it — assuming you stick to the recipe!

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