5 May

Figured it was about time I updated my blog hehe.. now that I’m done with school and everything. Decided to move it from blogger to here. No reason, really. Just wanted a change. I imported most of the entries from the other blog so if the formatting is messed up, just ignore them. Can’t be bothered to fix them all :p (I have the time.. I just don’t want to.)

I haven’t really been baking much over the past few months. Been waaay too busy with school. My life basically revolved around school. I wasn’t even able to keep up with my TV shows.. which has never happened before. But it’s all over now! I now have a BSc :) Now I can go back to doing fun things like baking, photography, watching TV shows and movies.. instead of reading textbooks, doing problem sets, pulling all-nighters for papers, and studying for exams. Definitely not gonna miss that!

Anyway, keep checking back! I’ll def try to update this blog a lot more often this summer.


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