a tiny break from baking

17 May

I’m finally back in the Philippines and boy is it hot. Such a change from the 12-degree rainy/cloudy weather in Vancouver (which apparently changed to perfect 20-degree sunny days once we left). Its 32 degrees with the sun shining brightly outside– perfect beach weather. Not for going out on a walk or going shopping. Wayyyy too hot. I start sweating 5 minutes after taking a shower. Yeah it’s that hot.

Anyway I probably won’t be able to bake much while I’m here. All my baking stuff are back in Vancouver and it’s kinda annoying when you don’t have the proper things. Hard to find most of the ingredients too but we’ll see.. I might bake some stuff here and there. I kinda wanna take cake decorating classes too so I’ll post pics if I ever do it.

Oh! and I might also get a dslr! Trying to expand my hobbies this summer. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll be able to use it to take pics of the stuff I post onto here cus as you can see.. my camera skills are not that great haha.

I’m also thinking of moving my blog to wordpress. I signed up for an account and started fiddling with it the other day but it seems so cluttered. Not very user friendly. Has a lot of extra stuff but the user interface is messy. There aren’t very many themes to choose from either. And since I have no knowledge of CSS, it’s kinda hard to make my own (hmm maybe another thing to learn this summer). What to do what to do..


2 Responses to “a tiny break from baking”

  1. csmallari May 19, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Let’s go to the beach when I get back from Palawan :) You and Ina need to get some sun in the proper setting ;-) love you!

  2. Sindy May 19, 2009 at 11:17 pm #

    gasp fancy camera!? i wants too

    oh i’ve been thinking abt wordpress for a while too. after u get a hang of it, u’ll really appreciate the options. u can import ur posts so the move should be easy =)

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