Cake Pops Fail.

1 May


Soo all week I’ve been waiting for the weekend so that I can make Bakerella’s cake lollipops.. which I saw last week and looked oh-so-good. Even went to Michaels and bought candy melts.. lollipop sticks. I was even going to give some of them to my boss & co-worker as a good-bye present.

I started by baking the plain yellow cake. I did it from scratch cus I didn’t wanna spend any money on cake mix.. plus I had all the ingredients at home anyway. The cake tasted yummy on its own but I had to turn it into cake crumbs so I did (after eating some). Added some canned cream cheese frosting to the crumbs. Rolled them into balls and then put them in the freezer (no patience to put them in the fridge). Shaped them into balls, tulips, butterflies, and flowers. Stuck the lollipop sticks inside and chilled them some more. I started melting the candy coating.. white, pink, and brown/chocolate. Took the cake pops out and started dipping them into the melted candy.. the first few were okay.. then the cake pieces started falling off of the stick! I didn’t put the lollipop stick far enough inside the cake so they started falling into the icing :( but anyway.. I figured it out and finished dipping everything. Waited for the coating to dry.. then it was time for a taste test!

… ew. I don’t know if I put too much icing or what but the inside tasted so weird. It was like.. gooey. or mushy. or something. The texture just wasn’t very appetizing. The chocolate candy coating was yummy though.. but the inside ruined it. Grrr. And I was expecting to taste so good! Sooo disappointed. Just goes to show you that looks can be very deceiving :(

I really wanted them to taste good so I kept eating them.. I ate 2 lollipops before I finally gave up and accepted the fact that they tasted like crap. Sad to say that all these ended up in the trash soon after :(

Yummy rating:

(I liked the chocolate candy coating…)


2 Responses to “Cake Pops Fail.”

  1. Anonymous May 2, 2009 at 9:44 am #

    it tasted fine :(


  2. - as. May 2, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    you said it tasted like clay..

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